Amanda’s Take-away: Xerocon to XeroCommunity

Amanda’s Take-away: Xerocon to XeroCommunity

Xerocon 2017 Austin, Texas Wrapup

The blame game intensifies, with private schools joining public companies on Sec. Meanwhile, the Justice Department is launching an investigation of possible PPP application fraud, and the IRS decided that PPP loan-related expenses will NOT qualify for tax deductions. Finally, the AICPA urges PPP loan forgiveness guidance and makes recommendations, and we’ve got a survey of small businesses showing how the PPP is working out for them. BNY Mellon, America’s oldest bank, is making the leap into the market for Bitcoin.

If you’re going to the Scaling New Heights conference, you can try out Core Intelligence for yourself at BQE’s Booth 64. Blake is back from the annual AICPA Engage conference with lots of questions about the future value of the CPA. Meanwhile, H&R Block announced that they are acquiring Wave Financial, a provider of accounting software to millions of small businesses. In other app news, Xero has appointedHubdoc co-founder Jamie McDonald to lead Accounting and Global Services. We’ll find out what that means for the future of Xero soon at Xerocon in San Diego. It’s looking more and more like 2021 is going to be another year of remote work, and flexible schedules are here stay.

The ABC of Tech You Must Know in 2019

These companies perhaps talked about innovating, they planned to innovate, even invested time and money. Xerocon, hosted by cloud-based accounting software leader Xero, is one of the world’s largest conferences for accountants and book keepers, and Tim gave the 45-minute opening keynote in front of 3,000 attendees. Tim recently spoke at Xerocon London, “the world’s most beautiful and innovative conference for leaders in cloud accounting.” The event took place on October 4-5, 2017 at ExCel London. According to a new pricing page on the QuickBooks website, Intuit is now offering QuickBooks software plus access to “real bookkeepers to help you manage your business” for between $210 and $350 per month. Now QuickBooks customers can “Get valuable insights from unlimited one-on-one conversations with an experienced bookkeeper that knows your business.” How does it work?

  • Geni Whitehouse shares how her CPA firm carved out a niche serving the wine industry — not just with marketing mumbo jumbo but with a proprietary industry scorecard that created real value for her clients.
  • After we talk about how the use of timesheets can cause employees to throw caution, and ethics to the wind, we’ll look at how one “fixer” left an employer that didn’t want to fix their timeclock issues …
  • We’ll also discuss Legal Zoom’s acquisition of Earth Class Mail, and inspect funding rounds by Wrapbook, ZenWork, and Knowify.
  • Listen in to learn about how Sage Intacct is applying AI to build what they call the “Intelligent GL” enabling continuous accounting and perhaps even someday eliminating the financial close.
  • Blake is back from the annual AICPA Engage conference with lots of questions about the future value of the CPA.
  • In other news, point-of-sale companies are tracking your tipping habits, why the founder of WeWork’s personality helped the company’s rise, but might also cause its fall, and we examine the number-one factor accounting firms need to consider when selling the firm.

— We dial up Ethan Rouen of the Harvard Business School for a lively discussion about the inadequacies of modern GAAP and specifically the problem with accounting for employees as costs instead of assets. Then, after the break, we share the highlights from Sage Intacct Advantage, as well as news about a ransomware attack on Billtrust, a study that says female CEOs and CFOs generate greater profits, a story about EY’s cringeworthy instructions on how women should behave in the firm, and more. Our great time at Sage Intacct Advantage 2019 continues, as we take some time to talk with Mariana Antcheva, VP Legal for Sage Intacct. We dive into all things HIPAA, privacy, security, compliance, and some of the newest regulations that may impact accountants and bookkeepers dealing with sensitive client information. Mariana, one of Sage Intacct Advantage’s highest-rated speakers, began her legal career in Bulgaria, moved to the States, developing a wide range of expertise and skills in the SaaS and tech sectors revolving around IP strategy, e-commerce, privacy, and compliance. We talk about Visa’s acquisition of Plaid, how Intuit has made ChronoBooks exclusive to QuickBooks Online Advanced, and Expensify’s newest release – Karma Points.

My Company Is My Second Child

Tim’s TED University talk from 2015 is now also online as part of the TED Archive. It is an irony of history that it took a nihilistic businessman like Trump to brutally expose a forgotten, profound human desire. By Tim Leberecht We’re all scrambling for practical solutions for the uncertain future of work. As kids, we grow up competing for attention in our families, for grades and friends at school and for triumph in sports and debates.

Xerocon 2017 Austin, Texas Wrapup

We’ve got a survey of accountants showing how firms are handling coronavirus. Furthermore, the SBA has halted new applications for EIDL loans and is capping the amount at a fraction of the former max, the IRS is asking people to send back stimulus checks mailed to dead people, and more. Escalon provides accounting and business services to over 3000 companies. They have 800 employees worldwide and have been operating for 16 years, but you’ve probably never heard of them. That’s because they’re not a CPA firm, so they don’t show up on the traditional rankings.

Are accounting firm partners just franchisees? Also, how Square could make cryptocurrency go mainstream

Patrick White, CEO and co-founder of Bitwave, joins Blake and David at SuiteWorld ’22 to discuss the what, why, and how of crypto accounting, wandering down into the debits and credits weeds. At Sage Transform 2022, Blake and David spoke with Bonnie Forssell and Jennifer Herbert at Vitamin Angels. Amanda Aguillard, CPA is one of the leading authorities on all things Xero.

Orders Big Four to separate audit practices by 2024; and Zoom gets into the hardware game with an all-in-one home communications device for $599. Blake interviews Ed Karl, CPA & Vice President of Taxation at the Association of International Certified Public Accountants about Internal Revenue Service funding levels and the impact on both IRS service levels and the Tax Gap . For years, service levels have been declining while the Tax Gap has been increasing, mostly due to unreported business income. A 2019 analysis by the IRS estimated that Americans report less than half of all income not subject to some form of third-party verification (such as a W-2). This year, unpaid federal income taxes could amount to more than $600 billion, and over the next decade, it could be as high as $7.5 trillion. Could increasing funding for the IRS help to solve both these issues?

And finally, Blake & David discuss the flurry of new app updates and features that were released the past few weeks. CPA Practice Advisor has announced their annual “40 Under 40” in the accounting profession for 2018. Congrats to our friend and interview victim Dr. Xerocon 2017 Austin, Texas Wrapup Sean Stein Smith for making the list! Down under , Jason Andrew makes the argument that accounting firm partners are essentially franchisees. Up in the great North , Ryan Lazanis blogs about a guy who is probably the most remote cloud accountant in the world.

Tim gave the keynote at the FORA Summit by analyst firm HfS Research in New York City. From May 8 to 17, Tim will go on a European mini-tour for keynote talks at various famous beach towns, from Cascais to Brighton to Marbella, Sylt, and Barcelona. Tim spoke at the annual Acumen Business Convention in Brighton about the future of work, the implications of AI on our wellbeing, and the renaissance of emotions. Tim gave the closing keynote at LinkedIn’s Talent Intelligence conference in Paris.

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