The State of Crypto Payment Providers in 2022

The State of Crypto Payment Providers in 2022

Laws are still being framed globally on how crypto assets and payments must be treated from a regulatory and taxation standpoint. Consequently, most banks have adopted a cautious approach as they wait for a clearer regulatory framework. With consumers increasingly opting for new payment methods that are simple yet secure, cryptocurrencies are rapidly becoming popular across the globe. Open your borders to the most advanced digital payment infrastructure and strenghten your economy through crypto payments.

Abhi heads the payments practice in North America in TCS’ Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance business unit. His focus areas include real-time payments, payment analytics, blockchain, and artificial intelligence in payments. Bruce is a director in the payments practice in North America in TCS’ Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance business unit. He has extensive experience with transformational projects across analysis, design, and implementation of payment platforms.

Web-based segment accounted for the highest market share in 2021.

Integration of KYT cryptocurrency compliance service to prevent money laundering and other illicit activities. Blockchain transactions are irreversible with no chargebacks and no recurring fees or hidden charges. Flexible withdrawals are the core of our system, enabling payouts in various currencies other than the wallet currency.

cryptocurrency payment solutions

The share of Bitcoin transactions fell from 57% in March 2022 to 48% in July 2022, while the share of Litecoin increased from 14% to 22% during the same period, according to data from BitPay. Fiat settlements straight to your bank account via Swift and SEPA payment methods. There are options for one-time withdrawals or you can set up regular payouts.

Easily accept payments from digital wallets

Yeah, there are some scalability issues, but that’s pretty common with any nascent technology. In June 2021, global crypto adoption soared over 880% compared to last year. A read only mode is also available, as well as withdrawals with approval for extra security and to avoid fraud. In addition to your password, you’ll also need a code generated by the Google Authenticator app on your phone. Our infrastructure has different layers of security and scalability with loadbalancers across several data centres to ensure the stability of the entire system and the lowest latency possible. Client can manage actions such as payout approve himself or accept the transfer which is less than the required minimum.

  • Accepting crypto payments can help merchants access new customer segments.
  • Furthermore, the expanding popularity of cryptocurrency mining, as well as the presence of prominent players in this region, are fueling market expansion.
  • In September 2022, Bahrain-based EazyPay partnered with Binance to enable crypto payment acceptance at EazyPay’s more than 5,000 point-of-sale terminals and its online payment gateway.
  • You can utilize NOWPayments to accept crypto payments and convert those to fiat.
  • Binance offers the Binance Pay payment option method to crypto-friendly companies.

Or if a crypto payment gateway gets hacked, merchants also lose their funds. The popularity of crypto payment processing as a business is growing along with the demand for fast electronic payments worldwide. And the strong demand for cryptocurrency payments is driving the growth of crypto payment gateways number, although this niche is still open to new players.

On-ramp and off-ramp transactions

Although, you can request the support team for a particular crypto coin. CoinPayments lets you use a variety of payment buttons on the payment page. It has native applications for Android and iOS to manage it on the go. Coinbase commerce currently supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, DAI, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and USD coin. So, it’ll only count as massive ignorance to miss the crypto going mainstream.

cryptocurrency payment solutions

Initially, it was launched with support for 21 currencies but will later expand to over 130. This has led to the emergence of crypto payment providers using a robust payment system powered by blockchain as an alternative to legacy systems. With increasing bookings now made online, it makes financial sense to accept crypto payments.

How to accept bitcoin payments

It allows users to convert Bitcoin payments into Tether tokens automatically, reducing risks from volatility. In July 2022, Coingate launched support for Lightning Network payments. Furthermore, the continuous developments and innovations for better consumer experience in the blockchain space are expected to create lucrative opportunities for the market to grow during the forecast period. For instance, a wallet for cryptocurrencies, Valora, was launched in February 2021.

Compared with more traditional systems, cryptocurrency payment gateway has more distinctive advantages. The processing of crypto payments becomes very fast when there is no intermediary. It can even be done within 10 seconds, allowing merchants to accept different types of cryptocurrencies. Coinbase Commerce is acrypto payment gatewaythat is integrated into the Coinbase platform. It is designed to make it easy for merchants to accept payments in multiple cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others.

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Only recently have developed countries moved to a financial model where most of their transactions are credit and debit based, where it is possible never to exchange physical money. The provider uses a cryptocurrency wallet to facilitate the transfers. If that currency is designed with a payment system, the provider will crypto payment solutions incur fees charged by the currency network’s transaction validators. In February 2022, Colorado became the first US state to accept cryptocurrency as payment for taxes and fees. A bearish crypto market induced consumers to favor more stable cryptocurrencies over highly volatile ones, such as Bitcoin, for making payments.


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