Best Finance Audiobooks

Best Finance Audiobooks

Knowledge is power, whether you want to improve your financial health or become a more successful investor, or simply to learn more about money. Many personal financial books are available as audiobooks that can be listened while cleaning the house, driving, or removing the stinky compost bin. GOBankingRates rounded up some of the top audiobooks on finance to aid you in becoming more knowledgeable about your finances.

Understanding the basics of investing and personal finance is crucial, especially in the case of wanting to increase your wealth. These audiobooks cover everything from investing strategies to wealth creation.

Benjamin Graham’s classic 1949 investment book has recently been revised to update its principles for the modern market. Anyone who is serious about gaining wealth through long-term investments must listen to The Intelligent Investor.

The secrets to becoming a millionaire might not be as far-fetched as you think. Chris Hogan breaks down stereotypes and demonstrates how everyday people can become wealthy. His energetic performance and fun writing make learning complex financial concepts enjoyable.

The world of money can be chaotic and sometimes dangerous – but it’s also an exciting place that serves as the basis for some great stories. Liars Poker is a tale of exaggerations and outright greed that occur on the wall street trading floor, while Flash Boys reveals the rise of dark pools, where traders use AI algorithms to trade in large blocks, thus reducing the impact of their trades.

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